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Since 3000 BC Assyrians, Hittites, Firiks, Cappadocia Kingdom, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires ruled in Cappadocia, meaning "beautiful horses.” This region is one of the most spectacular wonders of the world and one of the most beautiful examples of the integration of civilization and difference in the world.The fairy chimney in Cappadocia and its unparalleled geological structure are formed by the volcanic Erciyes Mountion that erupted about 30 million years ago erosion and from the flood of watersand winds that descend from the valley and slopes over time. Therefore, it would not be wrong to call the Mount Erciyes the father of Cappadocia. While the geographical events formed the fairy chimneys, the people who lived in Cappadocia during the historical process also had their effect as building houses and churches, they also created a place for living in the caves. The frescoes in this city still carry to our daily life, the traces of civilization thatr lived there thousands of years ago.The Cappadocia region includes important centers such as Urgup, Goreme, Uç Hisar, Avanos, Zelve, Derinkuyu, where tourists from all around the world come to visit and explore. More than 2 million tourists annually visit the unique cave and historic sites in each of these regions.